Beginningless Zero mathematically concurs its infinite energy in One finite bigbang for a bright beginning by algebraically radiating exponentials of energy. Energetically illumining around as photons, electrons, protons, neutrons etc. Mathematically radiating protons and neutrons arithmetically flash on as nuclei of heavy hydrogen (1proton+1neutron), helium nuclei (2protons+2neutrons) etc. Forward further, arithmetically radiating nuclei algebraically entice electrons around them, unravelling into geometrically multiplying expansive clouds of hydrogen and helium atoms around heavenly horizons.


As energetic radiations distantly enshine around, millions of regions proximately closer by vast hydrogen and helium clouds, by their multidimensional unity of energetic dynamisms, massively unite into millions of titanic collisions! The atoms crush towards millions of centres. Multi dimensionally uniting proximate energetic collisions, multi dynamically tip each other's condensively crushing hot central regions to rotate. The brightly radiating atomic collision energy from the rotating centres exert against greater infall of their surrounding clouds, forcing some surrounding clustered and turbulent regions to spin turbulating around the rotating centres.

Titanic centres massively crushing smaller and energetically rotating faster! Exerting around massively and crushing in refinely! drawing inbound far and near spinning and other turbulent regions of gases and astrally materializing physical dusts into millions of fierce and fiercely huge spiral, elliptical and other dynamically shaped galaxies! Galactically turbulent physical forces and masses astronomically coordinate colliding into multi dimensionally and multi dynamically energetic, unique astro physical expressions! Sailing across or spinning into astro dynamic equilibriums across wonderfully extending heavenly space!


As majestically energetic galaxies cruise across infinitely extending horizons, vast dynamic clouds of hydrogen, helium and other atoms turbulating into energetically picturizing galaxies, proximately collide spinning around into millions of locally dynamic spherical designs! Megatonne atomic collisions fuse hydrogen to helium exerting around the differential energy against further contraction of their surrounding clouds, in an equilibrium, glowing around brilliantly for millions of years as galactic stars! Eventually thundering into dusty supernovas or other twilighting dynamisms.

Millions of dynamic stars dazzling and drafting across lightyears of galactic splendours! The massive collision energy forming heavy stars enmassively throw around their surrounding heavier regions! Energetically spinning against the multi dimensionally and multi dynamically uniting rebound thrown stellar masses! Thereby enforcing the infalling clustered regions around different directions and distances into further locally dynamic spherical collisions! To collide, clump, spin and revolve into spherical equilibriums across the outer boundaries as planets! And planets unite moons for colorful more astral dynamisms across starring spaces!


Infinite-Zero, mathematically concurring multi dimensionally and super dimensionally different energetic bangs for natural and super natural worlds! Super natural worlds by super naturally concurring designs of super dimensionally dynamic energetic hells and energetic heavens! Infinite multi dimensional empires of mathematically dynamic energy across infinitely energetic infinite expanses of dimensionless absolute Zero everywhere! Trillions of astral dynamisms massively graduating and refinely uniting by dynamic equilibriums from their respective multi dimensionally centred and multi dynamically energetic coordinate Zeroes!

Superdimensional worlds by super dimensionally concurring geometries for super dimensionally centred coordinate Zeroes of supra dynamically different energetic designs and dynamisms. For infinite supra dynamic worlds across infinite expanses of absolutely energetic dimensionless Zero everywhere! Trans dimensionally different energetic dynamisms concur by trans dimensionally centred and dynamic, multi and super dimensionally transcending coordinate Zeroes across absolutely different energetic empires of absolutely dynamic absolute Infinite-Zero everywhere! Trans coordinating unique more celestial dynamisms and equilibriums across heavenly space.

Astral Zero

Absolute Zero, the dimensionless eternity, mathematically concurring its infinite energy by infinite geometrically dynamic and dynamically moving energetic centres as coordinate Zeroes, coordinate Zero of the dimensionally different energetic dynamisms converging to make their respective astro physical centre and astro physical sense as galaxies, stars and other celestially energetic geometries. Zero, the energetic reality and the dimensionless eternity, the onesame dynamizing atoms here, stars there and heavens across, underlining the unity and arithmetics of the energetic universe! The intrinsic source and extensive reality by every energetic design, dynamism and beyond for the great grand cosmos!



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