Zero! Dimensionless, by itself! Dimensionless across energetically dynamic worlds! The ancientmost smallest and biggest dimensionless Zero before the bright beginning of our energetic universe, also the onesame smallest, biggest and evernew dimensionless Zero here and forever everywhere, extending endless! Onesame Zero everywhere, energetic across its onesame energy, onesame energy by energetically different dimensions and dynamisms making multidimensional worlds anywhere! Eternal by its dimensionless virtue and eternally energetic across energetically changing dimensional worlds!

Eternal Zero didnt `come' and never `goes'! The evernew dimensionless presence always here, here now and forever everywhere. The dimensionless author and unity across infinitely concurring dimensions and dynamisms across infinite expanses of energy everywhere. The dimensionless omnicentred point across and beyond all energetic dimensions and astrophysical dynamisms. Zeroing across and beyond lightyears of anything anywhere by an infinite continuity to already be sparkling by sparkling energetic dynamisms anywhere!

Zero now as Infinite-Zero, the onesame dimensionless and propertyless refinity across the minutest quantum wonders infinitely extending across and beyond astrally dynamic infinite energetic splendours forever everywhere! Coordinate Zero, the dynamic centre of the uniting dimensionally different energetic dynamisms uniting to make energetic sense as units of galaxies, stars, planets, you, me, other organic or astro energetic designs and symmetric dynamisms anywhere! Decimal Zero, the dynamic appropriator of energetic dimensions by appropriate numeric dynamisms.


Infinite-Zero, dimensionless across every minutest and largesses: force or nullity, by the environment extending across earth, skies, stars, galaxies and beyond space or by organically dynamic you and me, organically dynamic by millions of multicultured cells, each cell dynamic by algebraic geometries of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen compounds, molecularly dynamic by the solar inventory, atomically dynamic by the galactic inventory, galactically dynamic by immanent and extensive principles of energy, principled by energetic Zero! the onesame immanent and infinite, endless and immediate, ever and everywhere present dimensionless Infinite-Zero!

The minutest across every fundamentally minute, absolutely transcending as the onesame dimensionless or propertyless across and beyond the minutest and largest energetically dynamic wonderful worlds infinitely! Zero, the omnicentred energetic inherent reality beyond the minutest quantum wonders, inherently and immanently extending across and beyond lightyears of everchanging astrally energetic infinite colorful splendours anywhere! transcending immediately as the absolutely energetic absolute reality everywhere! Selfluminous, illumining energy everywhere!

Dimensionless Zero, the immanent reality across any energetic force or dynamism, extends also as the transcendental absolute reality by its dimensionless absolute presence everyhere, for energetic potentials to fundamentally and finitely patent across the infinite astro energetic horizons of Infinite-Zero anywhere! Energetically patenting dimensionless Infinite-Zero extending infinitely everywhere, energy E deems to extend infinitely! Dimensionless Infinite-Zero being omnicentred everywhere, infinite energy should mathematically patent from anywhere across a fundamentally and absolutely dynamic dimensionless Infinite-Zero by its serenity and infinity everywhere!


Infinitely extending and infinitely energetic Zero, finitely expressing energy in One digital root in One bigbang of energy, one bigbang of energy to algebraically radiate around, arithmetically acting and geometrically reacting to astrophysically and biosymmetrically coordinate, expressing by millions of energetically centred Coordinate-Zeroes! Coordinate-Zeroes by the converging centre of the dimensionally different energetic dynamisms symmetrically converging to make sense as energetic units of galaxies, stars, you, me and other astro or organic designs and dynamisms! The energetic tone and tenor of the world Zero by its dimensionless virtue remaining unchanged as the never diminishing eternal subject!

Dimensionless Zero, the fundamental and absolute across and beyond infinite dynamisms of energy, mathematically patenting multidimensionally dynamic energetic centres.. to energetically patent by millions of astrophysically and biosymmetrically adorned coordinate Zeroes. Coordinate Zeroes as you, me, stars, galaxies and other astro organic concurrent splendours across the worldwide subject Infinite-Zero by its dimensionless source and eternity fashioning the entire universe! Universally as a "Zero", Infinite and Coordinate Zero none being the other for a subjectively dynamic Zero and an objectively dynamic energy! Zero, mathematically designing energy for energetically dynamic designer worlds!

Infinite-Zero extending infinitely as the dimensionless omnicentred Zero everywhere and concurring absolutely by dynamically energetic Coordinate-Zeroes of astral dynamisms anywhere; also extending as the fundamental and absolutely energetic reality across and beyond quantum and celestially energetic dynamisms anywhere: the entire energetic universe by individually centred infinite dynamisms and beyond, should potentially be absolutely and fundamentally guageable, designable, operable and harnessable from and by omnicentred Infinite-Zero across earth or from its onesame dimensionless omnicentred presence everywhere!


Dimensionless Zero, mathematically appropriating energy for dimensionally appropriate energetic dynamisms. Qualifying and quantifying energy in alpha numeric expressions, expressing simple, scientific and socio economic dynamisms in multi dimensionally and multi dynamically functioning symbols. For alpha numerically symbolic and dynamically visualizable mathematic expressions of energetic ideas! Zero, the never changing, onesame as it is and the onesame all across, evernew, mathematically fashioning its One energy in 1, 2,..9 astro, organic, digital and transcendentally changing wonders anywhere. Energetic, eternal and immediate everywhere.

Decimal Zero, digitally onlooking alpha numerically dynamic energetic dimensions for energetically dynamic material worlds in mathematically concurring scientific and socio economic dynamisms. Coordinate Zero, organically dynamic humans, energetically onlooking from an organically dynamic centre, an organic coordinate Zero, coordinate Zero of the geometrically different organic dynamisms converging to make biosymmetric sense of an organic or bio symmetric human centre by our symmetrically dynamic heart! Absolute Zero, the tenseless infinity and energetic equanimity across and beyond One energy by 1, 2,..9 dimensionally multiplying astro organic designs and dynamisms by any tense anywhere!

Worldly illuminations neuro dynamically converge inducing brainy sense of the colorful world around for the centre of our energetic geometry, to wonderfully know from and by the center of our heart, of all of us as 1, 2,..9 energetic wonders from me as Coordinate-Zero here or you as Coordinate-Zero there! Moving around 1, 2,..9 colorful and dimensionally dynamic distances from me as Coordinate-Zero here or you as Coordinate-Zero there! Knowing and working from our centre Coordinate-Zero, anyhow a Zero, a Zero onesame infinitely everywhere, for dynamic organic memories of ourselves to wish and act as one knows, knowing from and by, `still' or `moving' across absolute Zero anywhere.



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