Stormy fusions of carbon and oxygen from a supernova and galactically turbulent hydrogen and helium clouds astrally collide into a heavy new star: our Sun! A new star to blossom radiating into a solar equilibrium around the milkyway of our mightily cruising million starred milkyway galaxy! The great star's immediate and massive collisions energetically exert back the continuously infalling surrounding regions, thereon enforce the rebound scattered regions around different directions and distances into locally proximate massive collisions, to massively collide, spherically spin and revolve into cooler equilibriums as colorful planets!


The massive terrestrial clouds of gases and astro elemental dusts colliding for earth's birth released tremendous energy for the rotating planet to dynamically blend into a molten fiery sphere! A smaller region spinned around minding, waxing and mooning earth! On rotating and cooling molten earth, formations of heavy iron centrifuged into a hot solid centre, allowing its molten blends volatile around the inner core. Spinning to season around Sun and harden into Earth!

Differentially spinning by a hot heavier inner core, its volatile blends by an outer core and their spherically surfacing lighter blends of atmospherical exteriors. A differentially spinning dynamo for a magnetically dynamic earth! Electro dynamically concurring the physically different energetic dimensional dynamisms in geometrically energetic and magnetically dynamic chemicals of energy for a chemical era around rotating and revolving earth!

Through the millenias of chemical diversities, geometrically energetic chemical dynamisms magnetically concur by diversities of environmental dynamisms, compounding geometrically diverse chemical and physical designs; geometrically dynamic energetic dynamisms make colorfully changing dynamic scenes around earth! A spherically rotating earth centrifuging into a hot heavier centre, geometrically landscaping geographic diversities by cooler heavy designs and atmospherically airing around lighter wonders!


Earth tilted and rotated revolving nearer and away round Sun for colorful skies and seasons. Geographically washing into topographic diversities! As geographically dynamic sceneries colorfully diversified around, magnetically dynamic energetic designs, by their multi dimensionally energetic chemical and physical concurrences across multi dimensionally dynamic earth, electro dynamically computed the geometry of their geometrically dynamic refine magnetic dimensions! Dynamically centred and geometrically dynamic magnetic dimensions magnetically organize their chemical and physically concurring environmental dynamisms!

Geometrically dynamic refine magnetic dimensions integrating or differentiating across appropriately differential energetic geometries by the disintegration of their currently energetic chemical and physical designs! Differentially flourishing into minerals, liquids, gases and other magnetically natured environmental diversities. Spinning by astrally dynamic environmental millenias and mathematically appropriating appropriate chemically and physically dynamic dimensions in geometrically expressing organic dimensions and dynamisms. From algebraically dynamic hydrogen, oxygen and carbon geometries to biologically amplifying organic appearances!

The organically algebraic and algebraically geometric genetic pattern of the hydrogen, carbon, oxygen structures electro organically induce electro magnetic geometries, which, magnetically mechanized by the geometrically dynamic magnetic centre of such energetic features, electrochemically patent geometrically different organic acids, which in turn process various protiens, each specifically and collectively onto design special cells and harmones to engineer the cellular structure and dynamism of organically living magnetic geometries and their magnetically active organic appearances!


Spinning and sprinkling water around, earth rotated into biochemical eras of geometrically organising diversity of geologically exciting landscapes. Diverse electro organic momentums of magnetic geometries across geometrically dynamic geographic diversities mutually computed their magnetic and organic geometries diversely. Thriving, evolving, speciating and diversifying by unique geometrically dynamic organic structures. Diversely computing the geometrically algebraic and organically symmetric hydrogen, carbon, oxygen structures to genetically organise and cellularly patent by diversely efficient organic dynamisms, characters and appearances.

Earth centric greeneries organized to symmetrically process environmental dynamisms and be fruitful by food, oxygen and moisture! Magnetic necessity excited some organics into self centred geometries for mobility, biosymmetrically animating across the colorfully diversifying energetic millenias! Animating geometrically dynamic and dynamically centred magnetic dimensions, magnetically compute the organically sustaining geometry of their biosymmetric animations and geometrically dynamic electro organic animations electro magnetically compute back the geometry and geometric efficiency of their refine dynamically centred magnetic geometries!

Organically disintegrating magnetic remainders appropriately differentiate into mathematically appropriate new organic geometries across appropriately parenting habitations and animations! For mathematically improvized continuity of magnetically dynamic organic geometries! Diversely animating electro organic computations across geographically dynamic diversities for dynamically efficient and diversely dynamic magnetic geometries and their biosymmetrically patenting diversity of animations! Plants, insects, animals, birds standing, crawling and flying across magnetically charming mountains, rivers and forests!

Organic Zero

Absolute Zero, the dimensionless presence activating an algebra of energy to energetically concur by millions of dynamically centred astral and organic geometries. Concurring by respective coordinate Zeroes, coordinate Zero of the dimensionally different organic dynamisms converging to make sense of such bloody organisms anywhere. Organizing inorganically dynamic blue earth for organically dynamic green nature! Absolute Zero, mathematically visualizing astral coordinate Zeroes and astrally visualizing organic coordinate Zeroes of charming insects, animals and birds across splashing waters and aromatic green forests!



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