Sun shines around our galactically cruising milkyway geometry and earth spins revolving around Sun, spinning into aquatic, surfacial and atmospherically dynamic colorful sceneries. Across energetically illumining environmental diversities, magnetically dynamic animations systematically coordinated the electro organic cellular coordinations between energetic stimuli and energetic reaction by an electro magnetically coordinating electro organic centre: neurodynamically coordinating Brains! Brains for brainy ideas of life and death across diversely featuring animations!


Racing stars twinkled and caressing lights mooned around for magnetically bright millenias! Vertically dynamic animations, by every fundamental, environmental and mathematically smart brainy electro organic sense and action, electro magnetically computed the refine magnetic geometry by their centres. Symmetrically dynamic magnetic dimensions from the centres electro magnetically reorganized the electro organic dynamisms of their organically animating expressions.

Electro-organically `social' sense and actions electro-magnetically reorganised the algebraically geometric genetic pattern of the hydrogen, carbon, oxygen structures to environmentally patent by bio symmetrically refine and dynamic energetic centres. Energetically centered designs refinely sensing and smartly acting to intelligently patent our smart neuro muscular ancestors. Organic geometries dynamic from their bio symmetric centre by a geometrically dynamic heart! Geometrically dynamic hearts magnetically dynamic by their dynamically centred and symmetrically dynamic refine magnetic designs!

Organically energetic and bio symmetrically dynamic human expressions of dynamically centred refine magnetic designs: our geo magnetically dynamic souls! Magnetically dynamic souls electro organically and electro magnetically converge the neuro dynamically energetic and dimensionally different sense illuminations, inducing brainy sense of the colorful world around for the energetic centre of our bio symmetry, centre coordinate Zero, coordinate Zero of the dimensionally different organic dynamisms converging to make sense of a human, the Heart! Dimensionally knowing and magnetically willing by our heart!

Magnetically willing from the soul and organically willing from the heart to electro organically be thoughtful and active by the brain. Electro organically thinking and acting smartly to electro magnetically compute the geometry of the geometrically dynamic magnetic soul smartly. Smart souls electro magnetically converging the diverse sense illuminations and inducing electro magnetically symmetric brainy sense and smart experience of the world around for smarter symmetric geometry of one's soul by the heart! Knowing by smarter unique views and uniquely expressing as one views! for human natures heartily different!


Magnetically natured humans fundamentally sensing and acting by trillions of organically refine cellular structures as 'neurons'. Each with multiple chemical outlets and inlets forming trillions of networking ends: our neurally circuiting brain! Neurodynamically activated by sense and stimuli, mitochondria in cells break sugar for current, electro organically concurring multiple outflux and influx of geometrically and magnetically appropriate chemical units: fundamentally processing human sense faculties by electro chemically networking across audio, video and other functional areas of brain cells!

Electro chemically inducing electro magnetic sense of brainy sight, sound, thought and ideas for the geometrically dynamic magnetic soul by our heart. Electro magnetic sense laterally inducing electro magnetic strength across corresponding electro chemical matrices for magnetically affiliating circuits of memories and rational ideas. For ourselves as dynamic memories to process energy wishing and acting as one knows, knowing to know better for better experiences!

Dimensionally different energetic illuminations neurodynamically converge, sensually inducing such symmetric sense and essense of the world around by the neuro dynamically coordinating and electro organically dynamic electro magnetic centre brain. Brain of the magnetically dynamic soul at the bio symmetric centre Heart! Electro magnetically strengthening and electro chemically multiplying every sense, thought, view, action for newer mindscapes of comprehensively affiliating sense thought view actions. Growing nicely by nicely affiliating thought view actions!

The magnetic symmetry and geometric strength of one's geometrically dynamic and magnetically refine soul being computed by every electro magnetically concurring brainy thought, view and action, computes the geometry of our magnetically dynamic soul to symmetrically induce, affiliate and process such nicer and brighter electro chemically dynamic electro magnetic thought view actions! The converse magnetic latency of every magneticaly computed thought view action appropriately patenting across or beyond currently energetic dimensional schemes of incidental and circumstantial episodes, appearing as vulnerable or excellent Souls!


Mentally enthused humans, mused by nature and star struck by the changing skies, traversing the transcontinental masses along curious other earthlings across greenly grinning earth! To skilfully, charmingly and efficiently diversify across diversely beautified and landscaped trans terrain and trans climatic adaptations into One grand and diversely adventurous family of around 6.5 billion sisters and brothers to diversely inhabit as Africans, Arabs, Europeans, Americans, Asians etc. Humanely patented by the geometric bequeath of the genetic pattern in every cell organising into each intelligent woman and wise man!

Organically energetic and energetically intelligent coordinate Zeroes of magnetically dynamic women and men. Politicizing and organising their energetic wishes, resources and skill by socially concurring and democratically dynamic astro physical principles of truth and selfless love. Like truthful equilibriums promising around galaxies and other astrally splendid celestial dynamisms. Like the selfless energetically caressing and magnetically loving interstar and intergalactic astral dynamisms nurturing eachother for brilliantly centred coordinate Zeroes of astrally blossoming celestial wonders!

Magnetically dynamic and socially energetic electro magnetic principles of truth and selfless love to astro organically compute astro physically refine magnetic geometry, symmetric strength, equilibrium and a geometrically dynamic accurate centre coordinate Zero of our soul! For electro magnetically accurate and symmetrically multiple brainy ideas! For an intelligently strong magnetic will from the heart over a neuro dynamically strong and random electro magnetic mind!

Socially dynamic principles for concurrent progress, sustenance and efficiency concurrently across diverse scientific and socio economic endeavours, for each sweet woman and humble man to specially enliven the scientific and socio economic fabric of the colorfully splendid multigrand world! Socio economic and scientific intelligence materializing infinite intelligent wonders! For intelligent human prospects across brighter social and astro organic horizons! For geometrically bright magnetic remainders! To magnetically differentiate across brighter energetic geometries across earth or other trans dimensional empires of energy!

Social Zero

Absolute Zero, infinite across infinite expanses of energy and extending everywhere! Mathematically willing a geometry, geometrically visualising astrally and socially dynamic coordinate Zeroes! Coordinate Zero of the dimensionally different energetic dynamisms geometrically concurring to make their respective physical sense and socially coordinate, astro physically and bio symmetrically nurturing eachother as galaxies, stars, planets, moons, humans etc. Cosmically activating heavenly astro physical dynamisms and organically activating sleek beings of you, me and other charming species to magnetically charm across colourful gardens, cascading rivers and twinkling skies!



Universal Introduction


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