Creation or destruction is neither negative nor positive: while, if or not there is any divinity, positive or negative or in or beyond equilibrium, it should be beyond construction or destruction, same in the past, present and future, defining the entire universe, in equilibrium, destruction or construction.

There should nothing beyond doubt be before it! for then, the predecessor might reign supreme to contradict. Having created everything, should also be so, that the created never reign supreme over or to contradict it. So, divinity has to be undeterrable, remaining as the originless undestroyable container of all the created universe.

Any other contention, from any quarter of the universe, if any, opposingly claiming to be the creator and sustainer of the universe, should only be an illusory contention arising out of the already contained. So, such divinity should be the originless and exclusive container of what was, is and will be in future and therefore infinite in size and time.

If there is a creator & destroyer divinity in or beyond equilibrium, it should also be the most powerful and power being the dynamics of all the universe, such divinity should be super dynamic of and by the entire universe: super consciously exercising its energy for super dynamics anywhere.

Analysing these fundamental factors, if there can be one supreme divinity, Dimensionless Infinite-Zero is that only one, one same and super same conscious divinity already by and for everyone everywhere, for and from anyone anywhere.

Universal Introduction