Zero! Dimensionless, by itself! Dimensionless across energetically dynamic worlds! The ancientmost smallest and biggest dimensionless Zero before the bright beginning of our energetic universe, also the onesame smallest, biggest and evernew dimensionless Zero here and forever everywhere, extending endless! Onesame Zero everywhere, energetic across its onesame energy, onesame energy by energetically different dimensions and dynamisms making multidimensional worlds anywhere! Eternal by its dimensionless virtue and eternally energetic across energetically changing dimensional worlds!

Eternal Zero didnt `come' and never `goes'! The evernew dimensionless presence always here, here now and forever everywhere. The dimensionless author and unity across infinitely concurring dimensions and dynamisms across infinite expanses of energy everywhere. The dimensionless omnicentred point across and beyond all energetic dimensions and astrophysical dynamisms. Zeroing across and beyond lightyears of anything anywhere by an infinite continuity to already be sparkling by sparkling energetic dynamisms anywhere!

Zero now as Infinite-Zero, the onesame dimensionless and propertyless refinity across the minutest quantum wonders infinitely extending across and beyond astrally dynamic infinite energetic splendours forever everywhere! Coordinate Zero, the dynamic centre of the uniting dimensionally different energetic dynamisms uniting to make energetic sense as units of galaxies, stars, planets, you, me, other organic or astro energetic designs and symmetric dynamisms anywhere! Decimal Zero, the dynamic appropriator of energetic dimensions by appropriate numeric dynamisms.


Infinite-Zero, dimensionless across every minutest and largesses: force or nullity, by the environment extending across earth, skies, stars, galaxies and beyond space or by organically dynamic you and me, organically dynamic by millions of multicultured cells, each cell dynamic by algebraic geometries of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen compounds, molecularly dynamic by the solar inventory, atomically dynamic by the galactic inventory, galactically dynamic by immanent and extensive principles of energy, principled by energetic Zero! the onesame immanent and infinite, endless and immediate, ever and everywhere present dimensionless Infinite-Zero!

The minutest across every fundamentally minute, absolutely transcending as the onesame dimensionless or propertyless across and beyond the minutest and largest energetically dynamic wonderful worlds infinitely! Zero, the omnicentred energetic inherent reality beyond the minutest quantum wonders, inherently and immanently extending across and beyond lightyears of everchanging astrally energetic infinite colorful splendours anywhere! transcending immediately as the absolutely energetic absolute reality everywhere! Selfluminous, illumining energy everywhere!

Dimensionless Zero, the immanent reality across any energetic force or dynamism, extends also as the transcendental absolute reality by its dimensionless absolute presence everyhere, for energetic potentials to fundamentally and finitely patent across the infinite astro energetic horizons of Infinite-Zero anywhere! Energetically patenting dimensionless Infinite-Zero extending infinitely everywhere, energy E deems to extend infinitely! Dimensionless Infinite-Zero being omnicentred everywhere, infinite energy should mathematically patent from anywhere across a fundamentally and absolutely dynamic dimensionless Infinite-Zero by its serenity and infinity everywhere!


Infinitely extending and infinitely energetic Zero, finitely expressing energy in One digital root in One bigbang of energy, one bigbang of energy to algebraically radiate around, arithmetically acting and geometrically reacting to astrophysically and biosymmetrically coordinate, expressing by millions of energetically centred Coordinate-Zeroes! Coordinate-Zeroes by the converging centre of the dimensionally different energetic dynamisms symmetrically converging to make sense as energetic units of galaxies, stars, you, me and other astro or organic designs and dynamisms! The energetic tone and tenor of the world Zero by its dimensionless virtue remaining unchanged as the never diminishing eternal subject!

Dimensionless Zero, the fundamental and absolute across and beyond infinite dynamisms of energy, mathematically patenting multidimensionally dynamic energetic centres.. to energetically patent by millions of astrophysically and biosymmetrically adorned coordinate Zeroes. Coordinate Zeroes as you, me, stars, galaxies and other astro organic concurrent splendours across the worldwide subject Infinite-Zero by its dimensionless source and eternity fashioning the entire universe! Universally as a "Zero", Infinite and Coordinate Zero none being the other for a subjectively dynamic Zero and an objectively dynamic energy! Zero, mathematically designing energy for energetically dynamic designer worlds!

Infinite-Zero extending infinitely as the dimensionless omnicentred Zero everywhere and concurring absolutely by dynamically energetic Coordinate-Zeroes of astral dynamisms anywhere; also extending as the fundamental and absolutely energetic reality across and beyond quantum and celestially energetic dynamisms anywhere: the entire energetic universe by individually centred infinite dynamisms and beyond, should potentially be absolutely and fundamentally guageable, designable, operable and harnessable from and by omnicentred Infinite-Zero across earth or from its onesame dimensionless omnicentred presence everywhere!


Dimensionless Zero, mathematically appropriating energy for dimensionally appropriate energetic dynamisms. Qualifying and quantifying energy in alpha numeric expressions, expressing simple, scientific and socio economic dynamisms in multi dimensionally and multi dynamically functioning symbols. For alpha numerically symbolic and dynamically visualizable mathematical expressions of energetic ideas! Zero, the never changing, one same as it is and the one same all across, evernew, mathematically fashioning its One energy in 1, 2,..9 astro, organic, digital and transcendentally changing wonders anywhere. Energetic, eternal and immediate everywhere.

Decimal Zero, digitally onlooking alpha numerically dynamic energetic dimensions for energetically dynamic material worlds in mathematically concurring scientific and socio economic dynamisms. Coordinate Zero, organically dynamic humans, energetically onlooking from an organically dynamic centre, an organic coordinate Zero, coordinate Zero of the geometrically different organic dynamisms converging to make bio symmetric sense of an organic or bio symmetric human centre by our symmetrically dynamic heart! Absolute Zero, the tenseless infinity and energetic equanimity across and beyond One energy by 1, 2,..9 dimensionally multiplying astro organic designs and dynamisms by any tense anywhere!

Worldly illuminations neuro dynamically converge inducing brainy sense of the colorful world around for the centre of our energetic geometry, to wonderfully know from and by the center of our heart, of all of us as 1, 2,..9 energetic wonders from me as Coordinate-Zero here or you as Coordinate-Zero there! Moving around 1, 2,..9 colorful and dimensionally dynamic distances from me as Coordinate-Zero here or you as Coordinate-Zero there! Knowing and working from our centre Coordinate-Zero, anyhow a Zero, a Zero one same infinitely everywhere, for dynamic organic memories of ourselves to wish and act as one knows, knowing from and by, `still' or `moving' across absolute Zero anywhere.



Beginningless Zero mathematically concurs its infinite energy in One finite bigbang for a bright beginning by algebraically radiating exponentials of energy. Energetically illumining around as photons, electrons, protons, neutrons etc. Mathematically radiating protons and neutrons arithmetically flash on as nuclei of heavy hydrogen (1proton+1neutron), helium nuclei (2protons+2neutrons) etc. Forward further, arithmetically radiating nuclei algebraically entice electrons around them, unravelling into geometrically multiplying expansive clouds of hydrogen and helium atoms around heavenly horizons.


As energetic radiations distantly enshine around, millions of regions proximately closer by vast hydrogen and helium clouds, by their multidimensional unity of energetic dynamisms, massively unite into millions of titanic collisions! The atoms crush towards millions of centres. Multi dimensionally uniting proximate energetic collisions, multi dynamically tip each other's condensively crushing hot central regions to rotate. The brightly radiating atomic collision energy from the rotating centres exert against greater infall of their surrounding clouds, forcing some surrounding clustered and turbulent regions to spin turbulating around the rotating centres.

Titanic centres massively crushing smaller and energetically rotating faster! Exerting around massively and crushing in refinely! drawing inbound far and near spinning and other turbulent regions of gases and astrally materializing physical dusts into millions of fierce and fiercely huge spiral, elliptical and other dynamically shaped galaxies! Galactically turbulent physical forces and masses astronomically coordinate colliding into multi dimensionally and multi dynamically energetic, unique astro physical expressions! Sailing across or spinning into astro dynamic equilibriums across wonderfully extending heavenly space!


As majestically energetic galaxies cruise across infinitely extending horizons, vast dynamic clouds of hydrogen, helium and other atoms turbulating into energetically picturizing galaxies, proximately collide spinning around into millions of locally dynamic spherical designs! Megatonne atomic collisions fuse hydrogen to helium exerting around the differential energy against further contraction of their surrounding clouds, in an equilibrium, glowing around brilliantly for millions of years as galactic stars! Eventually thundering into dusty supernovas or other twilighting dynamisms.

Millions of dynamic stars dazzling and drafting across lightyears of galactic splendours! The massive collision energy forming heavy stars enmassively throw around their surrounding heavier regions! Energetically spinning against the multi dimensionally and multi dynamically uniting rebound thrown stellar masses! Thereby enforcing the infalling clustered regions around different directions and distances into further locally dynamic spherical collisions! To collide, clump, spin and revolve into spherical equilibriums across the outer boundaries as planets! And planets unite moons for colorful more astral dynamisms across starring spaces!


Infinite-Zero, mathematically concurring multi dimensionally and super dimensionally different energetic bangs for natural and super natural worlds! Super natural worlds by super naturally concurring designs of super dimensionally dynamic energetic hells and energetic heavens! Infinite multi dimensional empires of mathematically dynamic energy across infinitely energetic infinite expanses of dimensionless absolute Zero everywhere! Trillions of astral dynamisms massively graduating and refinely uniting by dynamic equilibriums from their respective multi dimensionally centred and multi dynamically energetic coordinate Zeroes!

Superdimensional worlds by super dimensionally concurring geometries for super dimensionally centred coordinate Zeroes of supra dynamically different energetic designs and dynamisms. For infinite supra dynamic worlds across infinite expanses of absolutely energetic dimensionless Zero everywhere! Trans dimensionally different energetic dynamisms concur by trans dimensionally centred and dynamic, multi and super dimensionally transcending coordinate Zeroes across absolutely different energetic empires of absolutely dynamic absolute Infinite-Zero everywhere! Trans coordinating unique more celestial dynamisms and equilibriums across heavenly space.


Absolute Zero, the dimensionless eternity, mathematically concurring its infinite energy by infinite geometrically dynamic and dynamically moving energetic centres as coordinate Zeroes, coordinate Zero of the dimensionally different energetic dynamisms converging to make their respective astro physical centre and astro physical sense as galaxies, stars and other celestially energetic geometries. Zero, the energetic reality and the dimensionless eternity, the onesame dynamizing atoms here, stars there and heavens across, underlining the unity and arithmetics of the energetic universe! The intrinsic source and extensive reality by every energetic design, dynamism and beyond for the great grand cosmos!



Stormy fusions of carbon and oxygen from a supernova and galactically turbulent hydrogen and helium clouds astrally collide into a heavy new star: our Sun! A new star to blossom radiating into a solar equilibrium around the milkyway of our mightily cruising million starred milkyway galaxy! The great star's immediate and massive collisions energetically exert back the continuously infalling surrounding regions, thereon enforce the rebound scattered regions around different directions and distances into locally proximate massive collisions, to massively collide, spherically spin and revolve into cooler equilibriums as colorful planets!


The massive terrestrial clouds of gases and astro elemental dusts colliding for earth's birth released tremendous energy for the rotating planet to dynamically blend into a molten fiery sphere! A smaller region spinned around minding, waxing and mooning earth! On rotating and cooling molten earth, formations of heavy iron centrifuged into a hot solid centre, allowing its molten blends volatile around the inner core. Spinning to season around Sun and harden into Earth!

Differentially spinning by a hot heavier inner core, its volatile blends by an outer core and their spherically surfacing lighter blends of atmospherical exteriors. A differentially spinning dynamo for a magnetically dynamic earth! Electro dynamically concurring the physically different energetic dimensional dynamisms in geometrically energetic and magnetically dynamic chemicals of energy for a chemical era around rotating and revolving earth!

Through the millenias of chemical diversities, geometrically energetic chemical dynamisms magnetically concur by diversities of environmental dynamisms, compounding geometrically diverse chemical and physical designs; geometrically dynamic energetic dynamisms make colorfully changing dynamic scenes around earth! A spherically rotating earth centrifuging into a hot heavier centre, geometrically landscaping geographic diversities by cooler heavy designs and atmospherically airing around lighter wonders!


Earth tilted and rotated revolving nearer and away round Sun for colorful skies and seasons. Geographically washing into topographic diversities! As geographically dynamic sceneries colorfully diversified around, magnetically dynamic energetic designs, by their multi dimensionally energetic chemical and physical concurrences across multi dimensionally dynamic earth, electro dynamically computed the geometry of their geometrically dynamic refine magnetic dimensions! Dynamically centred and geometrically dynamic magnetic dimensions magnetically organize their chemical and physically concurring environmental dynamisms!

Geometrically dynamic refine magnetic dimensions integrating or differentiating across appropriately differential energetic geometries by the disintegration of their currently energetic chemical and physical designs! Differentially flourishing into minerals, liquids, gases and other magnetically natured environmental diversities. Spinning by astrally dynamic environmental millenias and mathematically appropriating appropriate chemically and physically dynamic dimensions in geometrically expressing organic dimensions and dynamisms. From algebraically dynamic hydrogen, oxygen and carbon geometries to biologically amplifying organic appearances!

The organically algebraic and algebraically geometric genetic pattern of the hydrogen, carbon, oxygen structures electro organically induce electro magnetic geometries, which, magnetically mechanized by the geometrically dynamic magnetic centre of such energetic features, electrochemically patent geometrically different organic acids, which in turn process various protiens, each specifically and collectively onto design special cells and harmones to engineer the cellular structure and dynamism of organically living magnetic geometries and their magnetically active organic appearances!


Spinning and sprinkling water around, earth rotated into biochemical eras of geometrically organising diversity of geologically exciting landscapes. Diverse electro organic momentums of magnetic geometries across geometrically dynamic geographic diversities mutually computed their magnetic and organic geometries diversely. Thriving, evolving, speciating and diversifying by unique geometrically dynamic organic structures. Diversely computing the geometrically algebraic and organically symmetric hydrogen, carbon, oxygen structures to genetically organise and cellularly patent by diversely efficient organic dynamisms, characters and appearances.

Earth centric greeneries organized to symmetrically process environmental dynamisms and be fruitful by food, oxygen and moisture! Magnetic necessity excited some organics into self centred geometries for mobility, biosymmetrically animating across the colorfully diversifying energetic millenias! Animating geometrically dynamic and dynamically centred magnetic dimensions, magnetically compute the organically sustaining geometry of their biosymmetric animations and geometrically dynamic electro organic animations electro magnetically compute back the geometry and geometric efficiency of their refine dynamically centred magnetic geometries!

Organically disintegrating magnetic remainders appropriately differentiate into mathematically appropriate new organic geometries across appropriately parenting habitations and animations! For mathematically improvized continuity of magnetically dynamic organic geometries! Diversely animating electro organic computations across geographically dynamic diversities for dynamically efficient and diversely dynamic magnetic geometries and their biosymmetrically patenting diversity of animations! Plants, insects, animals, birds standing, crawling and flying across magnetically charming mountains, rivers and forests!

Universal Introduction


Absolute Zero, the dimensionless presence activating an algebra of energy to energetically concur by millions of dynamically centred astral and organic geometries. Concurring by respective coordinate Zeroes, coordinate Zero of the dimensionally different organic dynamisms converging to make sense of such bloody organisms anywhere. Organizing inorganically dynamic blue earth for organically dynamic green nature! Absolute Zero, mathematically visualizing astral coordinate Zeroes and astrally visualizing organic coordinate Zeroes of charming insects, animals and birds across splashing waters and aromatic green forests!



Sun shines around our galactically cruising milkyway geometry and earth spins revolving around Sun, spinning into aquatic, surfacial and atmospherically dynamic colorful sceneries. Across energetically illumining environmental diversities, magnetically dynamic animations systematically coordinated the electro organic cellular coordinations between energetic stimuli and energetic reaction by an electro magnetically coordinating electro organic centre: neurodynamically coordinating Brains! Brains for brainy ideas of life and death across diversely featuring animations!


Racing stars twinkled and caressing lights mooned around for magnetically bright millenias! Vertically dynamic animations, by every fundamental, environmental and mathematically smart brainy electro organic sense and action, electro magnetically computed the refine magnetic geometry by their centres. Symmetrically dynamic magnetic dimensions from the centres electro magnetically reorganized the electro organic dynamisms of their organically animating expressions.

Electro-organically `social' sense and actions electro-magnetically reorganised the algebraically geometric genetic pattern of the hydrogen, carbon, oxygen structures to environmentally patent by bio symmetrically refine and dynamic energetic centres. Energetically centered designs refinely sensing and smartly acting to intelligently patent our smart neuromuscular ancestors. Organic geometries dynamic from their bio symmetric centre by a geometrically dynamic heart! Geometrically dynamic hearts magnetically dynamic by their dynamically centred and symmetrically dynamic refine magnetic designs!

Organically energetic and bio symmetrically dynamic human expressions of dynamically centred refine magnetic designs: our geomagnetically dynamic souls! Magnetically dynamic souls electro organically and electro magnetically converge the neuro dynamically energetic and dimensionally different sense illuminations, inducing brainy sense of the colorful world around for the energetic centre of our bio symmetry, centre coordinate Zero, coordinate Zero of the dimensionally different organic dynamisms converging to make sense of a human, the Heart! Dimensionally knowing and magnetically willing by our heart!

Magnetically willing from the soul and organically willing from the heart to electro organically be thoughtful and active by the brain. Electro organically thinking and acting smartly to electromagnetically compute the geometry of the geometrically dynamic magnetic soul smartly. Smart souls electro magnetically converging the diverse sense illuminations and inducing electro magnetically symmetric brainy sense and smart experience of the world around for smarter symmetric geometry of one's soul by the heart! Knowing by smarter unique views and uniquely expressing as one views! for human natures heartily different!


Magnetically natured humans fundamentally sensing and acting by trillions of organically refine cellular structures as 'neurons'. Each with multiple chemical outlets and inlets forming trillions of networking ends: our neurally circuiting brain! Neurodynamically activated by sense and stimuli, mitochondria in cells break sugar for current, electro organically concurring multiple outflux and influx of geometrically and magnetically appropriate chemical units: fundamentally processing human sense faculties by electro chemically networking across audio, video and other functional areas of brain cells!

Electro chemically inducing electro magnetic sense of brainy sight, sound, thought and ideas for the geometrically dynamic magnetic soul by our heart. Electro magnetic sense laterally inducing electro magnetic strength across corresponding electro chemical matrices for magnetically affiliating circuits of memories and rational ideas. For ourselves as dynamic memories to process energy wishing and acting as one knows, knowing to know better for better experiences!

Dimensionally different energetic illuminations neurodynamically converge, sensually inducing such symmetric sense and essense of the world around by the neuro dynamically coordinating and electro organically dynamic electro magnetic centre brain. Brain of the magnetically dynamic soul at the bio symmetric centre Heart! Electro magnetically strengthening and electro chemically multiplying every sense, thought, view, action for newer mindscapes of comprehensively affiliating sense thought view actions. Growing nicely by nicely affiliating thought view actions!

The magnetic symmetry and geometric strength of one's geometrically dynamic and magnetically refine soul being computed by every electro magnetically concurring brainy thought, view and action, computes the geometry of our magnetically dynamic soul to symmetrically induce, affiliate and process such nicer and brighter electro chemically dynamic electro magnetic thought view actions! The converse magnetic latency of every magneticaly computed thought view action appropriately patenting across or beyond currently energetic dimensional schemes of incidental and circumstantial episodes, appearing as vulnerable or excellent Souls!


Mentally enthused humans, mused by nature and star struck by the changing skies, traversing the transcontinental masses along curious other earthlings across greenly grinning earth! To skilfully, charmingly and efficiently diversify across diversely beautified and landscaped trans terrain and trans climatic adaptations into One grand and diversely adventurous family of around 6.5 billion sisters and brothers to diversely inhabit as Africans, Arabs, Europeans, Americans, Asians etc. Humanely patented by the geometric bequeath of the genetic pattern in every cell organising into each intelligent woman and wise man!

Organically energetic and energetically intelligent coordinate Zeroes of magnetically dynamic women and men. Politicizing and organising their energetic wishes, resources and skill by socially concurring and democratically dynamic astro physical principles of truth and selfless love. Like truthful equilibriums promising around galaxies and other astrally splendid celestial dynamisms. Like the selfless energetically caressing and magnetically loving interstar and intergalactic astral dynamisms nurturing eachother for brilliantly centred coordinate Zeroes of astrally blossoming celestial wonders!

Magnetically dynamic and socially energetic electro magnetic principles of truth and selfless love to astro organically compute astro physically refine magnetic geometry, symmetric strength, equilibrium and a geometrically dynamic accurate centre coordinate Zero of our soul! For electro magnetically accurate and symmetrically multiple brainy ideas! For an intelligently strong magnetic will from the heart over a neuro dynamically strong and random electro magnetic mind!

Socially dynamic principles for concurrent progress, sustenance and efficiency concurrently across diverse scientific and socio economic endeavours, for each sweet woman and humble man to specially enliven the scientific and socio economic fabric of the colorfully splendid multigrand world! Socio economic and scientific intelligence materializing infinite intelligent wonders! For intelligent human prospects across brighter social and astro organic horizons! For geometrically bright magnetic remainders! To magnetically differentiate across brighter energetic geometries across earth or other trans dimensional empires of energy!


Absolute Zero, infinite across infinite expanses of energy and extending everywhere! Mathematically willing a geometry, geometrically visualising astrally and socially dynamic coordinate Zeroes! Coordinate Zero of the dimensionally different energetic dynamisms geometrically concurring to make their respective physical sense and socially coordinate, astro physically and bio symmetrically nurturing eachother as galaxies, stars, planets, moons, humans etc. Cosmically activating heavenly astro physical dynamisms and organically activating sleek beings of you, me and other charming species to magnetically charm across colourful gardens, cascading rivers and twinkling skies!



Wonderfully energetic astral or organic splendours `still' or `moving' anywhere or everywhere. Their energetically splendid centre Coordinate-Zero, Coordinate-Zero of the wonderfully different energetic dimensions concurring by a geometrically energetic mechanism to actively make astral or organic sense, remaining the same fundamental and Infinite-Zero already everywhere, infinitely extending to energetically and futuristically make 'dynamic sense' of still or moving astral or organic wonders from anywhere; eternally energetic Zero divinely illumines as a 'dynamism' everywhere! The ancientmost smallest and biggest Zero, by its dimensionless virtue, intelligently dynamic forever everywhere!

Ourselves consciously present from the presence of our energetic centre by a Coordinate-Zero as an energetically centred and magnetically dynamic bio symmetry! Its the energetically dynamic magnetic centre Coordinate-Zero that is conscious of its magnetically dynamic energetic presence across the world anywhere! Coordinate-Zero, Zero anyhow, still or moving across omnicentred dimensionless Infinite-Zero everywhere! Dimensionally illumined Coordinate Zeroes conscious from here and there! Infinite-Zero, by the factual virtue of its dimensionless presence everywhere, super consciously patents across and beyond its infinite expanses of energy everywhere.

Super consciously dynamic Infinite-Zero! The omnipotent, omniscient and omni centred mystic across the minutest quantum wonders, inherently and infinitely extending across and beyond lightyears of celestial splendours anywhere! Mathematically fashioning one energy in energetically changing infinite dimensions and dynamisms for infinite energetically changing designer worlds! Eternal, infinite and immediate everywhere! The super consciously mystic and mystically divine holy lord Maheshwara absolutely divining as the energetic reality everywhere Sath, the super conscious brilliance everywhere Chith, and the eternal sweetness everywhere Ananda!


Infinite-Zero 'Maheshwara' everywhere! Super consciously willing its infinite energy into infinite multi and super dimensional empires of energy across its infinitely energetic and infinitely extending dimensionless presence everywhere! Trans dimensionally dynamic and trans dynamically divine by a trans dynamically transcending coordinate Zero as Lordess Parvati, a trans consciously mystic Coordinate-Zero of the magnetically inherent different dimensions concurring the origin and nullity of energetic dynamisms. Coherently as Lord Eshwara, transconsciously mystic Coordinate-Zero of the trans dimensional energetic dynamisms concurring such origin and nullity of energetic worlds!

Lordess Saraswati, trans dimensionally divine, trans dynamically transcending, trans consciously mystic Coordinate-Zero of the mathematically intelligent and magnetically inherent different dimensions concurring designer energetic worlds! Coherently as Lord Brahma. Trans dimensionally transcending Coordinate-Zero by the trans dimensional concurrence of energetic dynamisms for such geometrically dynamic designer worlds!

Lordess Laxmi. Transdimensionally divine and trans dynamically transcending Coordinate-Zero of the mathematically intelligent and magnetically inherent different dimensions concurring benevolent equilibriums of colorful energetic worlds! Coherently as Lord Vishnu, trans dimensionally transcending Coordinate Zero by the trans dynamic concurrence of energetic dynamisms for such energetically benevolent equilibriums. Maheshwara Infinite-Zero transcending eternally and infinitely as the absolutely dynamic, mathematically peaceful, flowerfully and fruitfully aromatic, and astrally brilliant as the super consciously mystic and mystically dynamic Shiva everywhere!


Trans dimensionally mystic, trans dimensionally transcending, trans dynamically conscious divine Zeroes divinely geometrized for dimensionally dynamic human minds and souls in geometrically dynamic and trans dynamically divine sacred deities and temples of Shiva Linga across the Universe! Absolutely divine by a divine geometry 'Linga' anywhere!

Heartily, mindfully and lawfully cultivating one's magnetically dynamic geometric intelligence, magnetic will and mentally intoning such sacred idols and divinities by their geometrically symmetric `mantras' electro magnetically compute the geometric dimension of our geometrically dynamic and magnetically refine soul to trans dimensionally graduate across multi and super dimensional empires of energy. Concurring as uniquely living coordinate Zeroes, geometrically centred energetic designs by such super dimensionally different energetic genre across such super dimensionally different energetic gardens anywhere! Among trillion more Gods and Demons anywhere!

Magnetically willing from the heart of all our electro magnetic thought dynamisms into one fiercely exclusive unity on one definite divinity by the brows, should compute the neuro dynamically coordinating electro magnetic centre into a fundamentally refine unity and that should induce the geometrically dynamic and magnetically refine soul into a magnetic universal equanimity! Thereon, no self centred or self conscious magnetic centre Coordinate-Zero imposed, absolutely conscious absolute Infinite-Zero alone should remain revealing the entire world from the minutest quantum wonders to our infinitely energetic heavenly splendour everywhere! Ourselves as Maheshwara everywhere!


One common humankind with One most intelligent common objective to realize our universally dynamic, absolutely energetic, absolutely intelligent sweet celestial splendor of divine kind! worshiping by Holy Mosques, Churches and the mathematically dynamic and trans dynamically divine Shiva temples across the universe, compute the geometry, geometric symmetry and symmetric equilibrium of our geometrically dynamic magnetic soul to symmetrically concur sweet and intelligent electro magnetic thought dynamisms for sweet, intelligent and successful human beings anywhere!

Infinite-Zero everywhere! Immediately disciplining as geometrically graduating coordinate Zeroes Of energetic dynamisms anywhere! Infinite or Coordinate, Zero transcends as the onesame consciously dynamic knowing centre `self, the `I' in, for and from anyone anywhere! Its the coordination of One energy by Sathya - Truthfully, Dharma - Selflessly, Shanti - Peacefully and Prema - Affectionately dynamic coordinate Zeroes for the mathematic concurrence and coordination of symmetrically unique future worlds! For respectively unique geometric centres making energetic and intelligent sense in, of, from and around us! The principle of intelligence for mind and matter!

Appropriating absolute divinity by appropriating the identifiable energetic principles of unidentifiable Infinite-Zero! Intelligent principles to appropriately harness our geometrically dynamic magnetic soul across physically dominant, sensually, magnetically and fundamentally dominant herbivorous refine bio symmetries. Graduating the geometry for super rational sense inducing wise and wise geometrically refine magnetic souls. To cosmoscape greener astro organic horizons. To concur celestially divine astral dynamisms by astro dynamically divine human endeavours.

Universal Introduction